TV Report – English Version
11 minutes
France Télévisions
Mediterraneo TV Show

Directed by : Valentine Patry
Filmed by : Maxime Quéméner
Edited by : Valentine Patry
Assisted by : Sarah Francesconi

November 2022

At the gates of the second most populated city in France, the intended coastline around Marseille offers a multitude of small wild coves, sometimes inhabited, sometimes deserted. Coves surrounded by vertiginous cliffs called “les calanques”. On a hundred kilometres of coastline around Marseille, between Martigues and La Ciotat, beyond the 50 main coves, there are a hundred of small confidential coves often accessible by foot only. You can find a crystal-clear sea and a natural environment preserved from the urbanization of Marseille but very difficult to access in case of hiking or climbing accident. Valentine Patry and Maxime Quéméner went to meet those who walk, live and work in this timeless place. 

French version of our TV report
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