TV Report, English Version

10 minutes

Luxembourgish RTL TV

Directed by : Valentine Patry

Filmed by : Thomas Gathy

Assisted by : Sarah Francesconi

January 2021


Luxembourg’s foreign population reaches nearly 50%. People from all over the world are drawn to this tiny country for its cultural diversity, safety and quality of life. Expats from different corners of the globe explain why they chose to make their home here. Olga and Vasily left Moscow for Luxembourg to give their young daughter better perspective, while Sicily native Marta chose the University of Luxembourg to pursue her Masters degree in Parliamentary and European Studies. Marian moved to Luxembourg from Argentina three years ago and shares snippets from her life as a dog-owner in Luxembourg with her Instagram followers back home.

They describe their experiences and reasons for moving in this report (for RTL TV), with subtitles and voiceover in English.

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“Here in Luxembourg, you cross people from all arount the world. When you go to a shop they speak German, Luxembourgish, French or even English. It’s astonishing to live in a city, a country where people speak all of these different languages.”

Marian, an expatriate from Argentina 

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