TV Report

08 minutes

France Télévisions
Rai Italia
TV Show Méditérannéo

Directed by : Valentine Patry
Assisted by : Sarah Francesconi
Filmed by : Maxime Quéméner
Edited by : Valentine Patry

February 2022

In the Kotor bay, the sea meets the mountains and the Slavic and Mediterranean worlds are melting together. The Kotor bay in Montenegro is one of the most beautiful bays in the world recognize as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Surrounded by the sea and the Dinaric Alps, this bay is a paradise for local fishermen and sailors. 

TV report in French broadcasted on French TV
TV report in Italian broadcasted on Italian TV

“When you give life to a boat, you can’t stop imagining it in the water, you wonder how it will hold up, how it will be once it’s out to sea, if it will lean… And the moment it finally touches the water, you feel the same emotion as when a baby is born…”

Vitomir Vujović, Naval Architect in Montenegro

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