TV Report
08 minutes

France Télévisions
Méditérannéo TV Show

Directed by : Valentine Patry
Assisted by : Sarah Francesconi
Filmed by : Maxime Quéméner
Edited by : Valentine Patry

March 2021

The contrast is unusual: Montenegro is the one of the smallest countries of Europe and yet this young country of the former Yugoslavia has the largest single vineyard in Europe ! As far as the eye can see, 2 300 hectares and over 11 million vines. Montenegro has an ancestral wine-growing tradition, since Antiquity, thanks to the micro-climate of the Adriatic. Wine tourism is an opportunity to promote the economic development of this small country of the Balkans.

“We are a tourist destination and holidaymakers are more and more interested in our local production. Most of our wines are sold here on the Montenegrin coast mainly in restaurants. We also sell in some neighbouring countries like Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. »

Zoran Obradović, Owner of a winery in Montenegro

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