TV Report
08 minutes

France Télévisions
Méditerranéo TV Show

Directed by : Valentine Patry
Assisted by : Sarah Francesconi
Filmed by : Maxime Quéméner
Edited by : Valentine Patry

May 2022

Croatian lace, of great finesse, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the town of Lepoglava, some forty professionals perpetuate this ancestral tradition of bobbin lace, introduced into the town in 1400 by a religious order. From the north to the south of the country, Croatia defends its ancestral textile crafts. The town of Čilipi, near Dubrovnik, is the guardian of centuries of silk embroidery and traditional costume-making skills.

“Our aim is to pass on the tradition to the younger generation because not all children have someone at home who knows about it: that’s why we created a school to fill this gap.”

Valentina KONCEVSKI, Lace teacher in Lepoglava, Croatia

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