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Directed by : Valentine Patry
Filmed by : Maxime Quéméner
Edited by : Valentine Patry
Assisted by : Sarah Francesconi

April 2022


The serenity from the Croatian island of Brač hides a well-kept secret… Its treasure is this white stone that has travelled the world. The white gold of Croatia, as easy to carve as Carrara marble, is exported all over the world. The legend says the American White House was built from stones originated from Brač island. This ivory-coloured rock, renowned since Antiquity, is still extracted in a dozen quarries on the island. It has also been home to an internationally renowned school of stone carvers for 113 years. 

Our TV report broadcasted in French for French TV
Our TV report broadcasted in Italian for Italian TV

“When I’m carving the stone and fully in the action, I feel like it’s like making music. That’s what the old-timers say. What I prefer are the rougher, heavier works, because I like it when everything shatters”

Ante PEROVIĆ, Apprentice stonemason

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