5 minutes

TV news programme

Reporter : Valentine Patry
Cameraman : Morgan Doux
Editor : Julien Prat

December 2019

The paradisiac landscapes of Cape Verde wouldn’t have the same charm if not for its melody-based music which is the very soul and identity of this country. The music is rooted in the archepelago’s culture. It’s a blend of both Portugese and African influences that reflect the chequered panoramic scenes of pink and yellow façades, indigo-blue seas and white sand beaches. The Cape Verdians transmit from one generation to the next their musical art and skills. This is exactly what Aniceto Gomez does in his workshop. One of the best known stringed-instrument makers, he carves out wood to make the traditional 4-string guitar known in Cape Verde as a cavaquinhos. Their instruments and love of music enable these musicians to sing their praise of the rich diversity found in a small country with a long and strong musical tradition. 

Just listen… 

“In Cape Verde, our wealth isn’t made of gold or silver or diamonds. We have nothing. Our wealth is our music”

Voginha Brito , Capeverdian Guitarist

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